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Teska - Banyonuzda Fark Yaratır

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TESKA has been manufacturing high quality piece of bathroom sanitary ware stuffs and valves products since 2005. Company headquarters moved to Istanbul in 2012.

The factory occupies vastly in Istanbul over 3.000 m² and in Adana 1.000 m² space area of strategic land in the central plain where plenteous raw materials and skilled labor accessibility are obtainable. Literally employs over 60 personals composing of highly skilled craftsmanship, technicians, engineers and administrative office staffs. Finest design, world class quality, supply consistency and impressive service to customer both domestically and internationally.

Our company has many patented the production of quality products so that the industry has found its place in the industry today. With the product design and technology developed entirely by giving impetus to the sector in recent years with products of their own production, industry products has brought a new perspective.

All the production and management staff works are performed with a team spirit and develops its technological investments. Our company that owns the certificate of ISO 9001:14001:18001 & GOST R that is under the confirmation Quality Guarantee System conditions.

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