Frequently Asked Questions

Question no 1 : what is the mixer’s materila? How long it’s usage age ?
Answer 1: the material which used for the mixer is the same one of PPR-C tubes. The ppr-c fitting is firmer than the tubes but the usage age is same.

Qusetion no 2 : according to the other built-in mixers what is the advantage of the housing one ?
Answer no 2 : according to the the houseing mixers the possibelty of leaving holesin the chassis is zero. the body material is the same matirial of PPR-C because of that it doesn’t need any connections to connect to the tube . easy for workshipment and low in cost.

Question no 3: if it breaked down does it need to break the wall to fix ?
Answer no 3: the section of this product which inside the wall has been producted from PPR-C material doesn’t break down . the cartridge and other parts could break down and for fixing it doesnit need to break the wall . you can change it by tearing down the breaked part. There are no problems for the spare parts.