Product Symbols

Cascade Flow Regulation

The best water saving. Limescale stream quality longer

Locking Collar Diverter

Continues to operate even at very low pressures (0,5 bar) due to its structural properties.

European Origin Ceramic Cartridges

The internal structure of the ceramic material is of good quality, durable and long life.

Chrome Coating

New high technology coatings extra brightness

Silicone Water Nozzles

For head showers silicone nozzles makes anti limescale, easy cleanable.

Water Saving

With a prevent splash aerator water saver consumption is reduced by up to 50%.

Quick Assembly

TESKA Quick Assembly patented, saving time and size availability & no necessary cutting.

Key Touch

For head shower, hand shower and taps available diverter push on of button

Height Adjustment

Patented assembly no need to cut height and structure adjustment

Tempered Glass

European origin tempered glass



3 Years

3 years guaranteed internal body

5 Years

5 years guaranteed cartidge

25 Years

25 years guaranteed PP-R body